Tuesday, May 25

T - 2 DAYS

IS MY ECON MIDTERM !! YAAAY !! HARDCORE STUDY TIMESS !! I really really really really really don't like how this week is unfolding though. I better be rewarded this weekend. So sick right now, can't control my manly voice changes. UFFUFUUFUFU. Call me, kiddums, and you'd think you got a wrong numbaaaa WOO HOO !!

I don't really watch TV. But I thought this was the cutest picture of the cast of Friends way back when, published in The Rolling Stone. I LOVE PHOEBE !! <3333333
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On a side note, I started watching Glee. I'm on like episode six or sth like that of the first season.. I fell asleep in my chair whilst watching it the other night. I've got this video player thingie from Korea that automatically moves on to the next episode. It's TOO GOOD AND EASY to waste time watching shows or even movies. LOL.

FONTS MADNESS !! I believe both of these are from Dazed & Confused. These fonts KILL. You don't understand. They transcend our time. JUST WATCH THEM BECOME THE CALIBRI IN 10 YEARS. WAGAHGHAGH.
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Remember the pioneering Alfred Hitchcock !? He made all of those thrillers and dramas back in the day. Starred in most of them, too. They're still good classics to rewatch, but slow as hell. And the action sucks. We are truly spoiled these days with all the glorious things that can be achieved through some high quality CG.
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I LIKE THIS GIRL. And what she's carrying. Couple more blankets and perchance a stray cat would perfect this look.
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Shows us the silhouettes of fashions in decades, reaching back all the way to 1775.
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Hope these pictures were some sort of fun to y'all. :) :) :)
I figured something out last night when I was blogging. I figured that us bloggers like to post videos. Music videos, trailers, vlogs, or what not, but the readers don't click on them much, unless they look FASCINATING ~~ Ahahahhahaa. DO YOU !? CUZ I CERTAINLY DON'T. Usually the music ones. But just when the screen cap of the video features GREAT JUNK. BUT WE ALL LOVE PICTURES !! DON'T WE !? Not even really the captions. BUT EYE-CATCHING PICTURES.
That was sort of my epiphany of the day last night. Therefore, I'll try my best to blog more PICTURES + IMAGES than long posts of endless vids. Ahahhahaa.


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