Monday, November 30

song of the day

Shocking Pink Rose by W
Korean indie soft song. it is trying to put me into a good mood..
but i must admit that this music video is one of the worst ones !!
..maybes i shouldve just listened to the song and never youtubed it :'(
oh, and yes, if i were you, i would ignore the horrible song title, too. and just listen :)

asian boys

come for this round of asian boys (or asian mens editorials)----
featuring ! g-dragon, first ever korean crush, from Vogue Korea & jacob coupe from Dazed & Confused Japan by Lennix

likes: prints & ridic amounts of makeup on some pretty looking boy
loves: layered suits, wow. its just so japanese hipster mmm :)

some kpop fansite.. and fashion copious

b a a a a a c k

so. i had quit internet ever since daul's death.. i did not find any point of me going around the www world for hours if i wasnt going to pick out new editorials of daul..
some time passed, and i bravely dared to come back into the net lifestyle.
guess i was rewarded for coming back for i found this:

she had written an email to the photographer, marcus gaab, for the pics of this shoot she did w him for chanel jewelry :'(

by the way.. her blog is now gone. its only to those special humans who can log into it :'(
when i reach a stable point of mind, ill do a huge post on her :'(

photos from marcusgaab's blog:

Saturday, November 21


so my good friend, Justin Ng, has created another masterpiece.. out of 1000 bentou grass :|
yeah, pretty amazing.
so here take a look at his bentou grass bib necklace and gawk at his diy skills !
i think if i wore this i would feel less semi-permeable.

beginning stages.

completed bib !!

the front..

and the back !!

song of the day

Tacobel Canon by Ratatat.
For a grey day where you feel as if yous toast is more solidified than the cells in yous own body.

semi-permeable membrane

after daul's news i feel blaaaaaah + invisible.
i'm a semi-permeable membrane, but these boys are not., men'snonno

Friday, November 20


my favourite model, Daul Kim, has passed away.
Her body was found hanging at her Paris apartment; it seems to be a suicide.
i cant grasp this news very well. I've always thought that she would be one of those ppl that will become one of the very top in the industry.
she was the woman that i wanted meet. she inspired me in many ways.
she will be missed.
rip daul kim.

performa 09

Roselee Goldberg At Opening Night of PERFORMA 09 from Pierce Jackson Inc. on Vimeo.
one of the coolest things ive ever seen.. all of a sudden ive got urges to live in nyc.
from ashleysimko's blog.

Wednesday, November 18

men's knits

practical & fashionable knits for Christmas presents for yous bestest men ;)

vvshu, men'snonno

obsession: nebulae

only uploading five of many filed in my folders on my computer.
will post almost holy pictures of my homeland -- aka saturn -- later on.

Monday, November 16

dropping the snaps

this is pure fulfillment. just what in the world is that headpiece made from ?!!?

please get me that hat.

high end vintage and those chanel tights that swooned us some times agos----

creds to dropsnap

Sunday, November 15

song of the day

GAGA has returned so that we can watch her and go GAGA over all the MCQUEEN shes wearing.

beautiful faces

destroyed dirty messy hot beautiful gorgeous want want want.

from various sources (fashioncopious, stardust&sequins, and others i do not remember, sorry)

Saturday, November 14

song of the day

Spiders/Kidsmoke by Wilco
video was not made by Wilco, but enjoy Wilco's music.

Friday, November 13

im shitting my pants because..

its daul kim !
and i love her. and shes being too cool again----

for Lurve mag, found at fashiongonerogue

vogue china !

december with mariacarla boscono by solve sundsbo
dark, soft, and jil sander !! <33

from fashiongonerogue

Sunday, November 8


this prada man is holy. oh, so so so magnificent.

from fashionisto.

Friday, November 6

helmut newton <3

helmut newton, photographer & sex addict & ..weird man in general.
check out his shit:

credits to google images HARHAR

song of the day

FOUND ! korean indie party rock.. yes. it is defs worth a click !!
LOVE DANCE by Super Kidd

Thursday, November 5

raining vintage

the day is ugly. i really do not want to go to school.

source unknown, they've been in my folder for a loooong time.