Saturday, May 1

putting on my reading glasses

Whether it be for my tutoring or for pure enjoyment, I've been reading a variety of things: some really great mangas, a children's novel, a short story, and more ! In fact, I've enjoyed so many of them that I feel compelled to share them with you. In life whenever you find something good, one can get something even better by sharing it. Am I growing up ?!!? MY LORD. Let's start. First off, this is a brilliant children's novel.

Secret Letters from 0 to 10 by Susie Morgenstern.
I re-read this masterpiece, because I have just started to teach a fourth grader. So I wanted to use this book as novel study since I remember it being really good ! And this time around, it did not disappoint. It was even better than what I remembered it to be, and it really isn't a book for a fourth grader at all. In fact, it's probably a book for us to reflect upon. The story is so elaborately woven, the vocabulary is so carefully picked, and the plain yet sensual plot is so carefully executed. This is a must-read for readers of all ages. Plus, it is a French book originally, so I guess if you can read French, reading it in original text would be a better idea.
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Bakuman, This manga has long ago have seated itself on my favourite list. It is a story about two best friends trying to hit it big in the manga world; they work as mangakas. It does have its drag moments, but each drawing is crucial to the story. LOVE it. Niizuma Eiji is SO CUTE and the excessive talk bubbles are a bonus ! :)
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Koukou no Hito, A new manga found. I'm sure this will definitely become famous and in mainstream in no time. Interesting style having the trendy style now mixed in with the detailed old-school drawing. Lots of muscle drawing on boys here and there. Can't wait to see the plot unveil itself. Steady new updates !! Get to reading this NOW !! Oh, it's about ROCK CLIMBING. WOAAAHH. FRESH CONCEPT. COOOOOOOLLLLL +0+ !!
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One Piece, Classic. It's been no good for the last lag, but it has been picking up the storyline. Right now, going back in time when Luffy first met Ace. So yeah. It's my #1 Favourite. I know it has more than 500 chapters, but I still don't want it to ever end ~~
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Giant Killing, A football manga !! YAY FOR ALL GREAT SPORTS MANGAS !! Especially when it's about underdogs aiming for a championship win !! Teehee. The twist in this manga is that it's through a COACH'S perspective and not the players. The characters are very distinct and new, so even if this may be your 80th sports manga, it won't disappoint !! Plus the art is so edgy !! YAY FOR GIANT KILLING !!
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Alexandrite, An OLD one !! Started in 1991, the year I WAS BORN IN !! ahhahahhahahaha. It's a lovely manga, situated in NYC !! What more could you want ?!!? ALL about androgyny, fashion, prep school kids, and university life + parties. IT'S GOT EVERYTHING WE LOVE AS FASHION BLOGGERS. I can't get enough. And they've been supplying with steady new updates, too. SO READ THIS. Apparently, this is a sequel and there is a prequel focusing on one of the primary characters.
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All Summer in a Day by Ray Radbury
Ray Radbury is a pretty famous guy, in fact, this short story is quite famous itself. I found it to do a lesson with one of my students. We didn't get to it yet, but I find it to be good. You can do a lot of analyzing with it. I think in America, it is part of Grade 5 curriculum... ??!?!? Ahhahaa, not that that matters too much. The thing is, it is one of the most beautiful and sad stories I've read. It really teaches us to reflect on our negative emotions and how we deal with others that are discriminated. It even got made into a short 26 minute short film so enjoy those, too !!
And the videos are embedded through YouTube in three parts:

Some articles for fun
My friend surprised me with an email awhile ago with this link saying that it reminded her of me. It's about coffee addiction, ahahhahhaa. It's so cute and creative !! Check it out: COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU YES YES YES
Another article is the infamous annual Time 100 List. This year, KIM YUNA HAS MADE ON TO THE LIST !! YAAAAYY !! KOREAN PRIDE !! YUNA SO AWESOME !! Yeah, so, yeah. That's right. TIME 100 TIME 100 TIME 100 TIME 100 !! ! !!


katherine said...

i still have to read that book...!

Jenny C. said...

rach, thanks for lending me that book! as i told you at the is amazing - the words flow like the emotion they evoke within you.