Sunday, May 9

song of the day

What have you done for your mother today ?!!? Me, nothing really. Stayed home. AHhahaha.
But I just finished a hopefully heartwarming letter/card to give to her during dinner tonight. We are eating at Bistro Bistro, a French restaurant on Fourth Avenue. I'm quite excited actually. I want to eat LOADS OF MUSSELS UFFUFUFU !! Mmm.
The weird coincidence !? My best friend, Angela, also booked her Mother's Day dinner at the same place !! She and her family will be there at six and my family and I will be there at seven. Weird. Our mothers also have the same birth dates. LOL.

Coffee by Epik High
This song has somehow grown in me and I seem to long for it more and more these days. It's essentially one of my mom's favs, so I thought it was fitting to post it up today. We are both caffeine addicts. Oh. Add my father on that list, too. Ahhaha. Enjoy :)

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