Thursday, May 6

moving frames

Watched yesterday, Whip It. Starring the almighty Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore. Even Jimmy Fallon and one of the burglars from HOME ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!! Teehee. Directed and co-produced by Drew Barrymore !! It's like.. HER FILM !! OMFG.
Anyhow, it was thoroughly enjoyable and laugh-out-loud entertaining. I guess since I watched it with little expectations, I ended up enjoying it aroun d9898983848326497392557 times more !! What a ride that was !
Ellen Page plays a perfect adolescent 17-year-old girl, and it's quite mind blowing that she's nearing 30. The BIG thirty, ya know !!???! And what, she's playing a SEVENTEEN-year-old. Her lips move with such intellect and each of her movement is down to her role.
Now I want to get a pair of Barbie roller skates and go roller derby-ing. VANCOUVER TOTALLY NEEDS A ROLLER DERBY WAREHOUSE. LIKE NOW. And it should be used for little girls' birthday parties and stuff.. like how ice rinks are used !!

INSTANT LOVE FOR THIS FILM. Please begin the dance party.

Moving on. I just spent some time on YouTube and guess what I found ?!!? MORE DAUL CLIPS. NEVER WATCHED BEFORE. One of them is heart-wrenching; it's about her infamous Paris apartment. The apartment. It smells so lively and it has a huge walk-in closet room and what not. Love you, Daul. RIP.

On the other hand, these ones are funny. She loves yoga !! I THINK I'LL START DOING YOGA NOW. NO KIDDINGS.

Here, she talks about her guinea pigs, Jamong (grapefruit) and Tiger. She always loved them even though they mostly lived in Seoul at her parent's place. She talks about why she likes guinea pigs over dogs, hamsters, and other pet animals. She says that they don't want too much attention. Plus, she says that guinea pigs are shy and introverted creatures that takes time to become their friend. To become one, one must converse with it and not pet nor snuggle with them excessively. This talks a lot about Daul's personality also, in my opinion. Miss you, Daul. Really, truly rest in peace.

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