Monday, June 7

Walk Down the Memory Lane

젝스키스, in German and in English: Sechs Kies, was a Korean boy group of six. In German, their name means six jewels.. so I guess they were aiming to be the JEWELS OF KPOP. And they certainly were. THEY HAD MY WITTLE KOREAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GIRL'S HEART FOR SURE. PLUS !! I met my favourites, 강성훈 + 은지원 (Kang SungHoon and Eun JiWon) right before I moved to Vancouver. I think it was my destiny to like them. I was rewarded.. I was a good child. KARMA MATTERS, CHILDREN !!
Well so yeah, thought about them.. I had some time.. and with YouTube's magic I was able to go through them and this other Korean boy band I was quite infatuated with, G.O.D. I even did video swipes through HOT, Fin.K.L., and S.E.S.. The music and the skills these groups have are blatantly different from the idols in Korean music industry these days.
Just a couple of videos that are still open on my tabs. Enjoy ~


moon said...

OMG! 난 지오디팬, 젝키에서는 강성훈을 좋아했음..ㅋ.ㅋ

rachel said...

나두나두 !! 꺜 !! ahahhahahhaha :D