Saturday, June 19

jack white

I learn new things everyday.
1) Did you know that Jack White has nine older siblings !? Yes. So he is the 10th and the last one in his family. I find that quite mind boggling.
2) Jack White is obsessed with the number THREE - 3. His Stripes colours, red, black, and white, are a group of three. That's just an easy one. His whole life revolves around three. Read the AnOther Man interview and you'll see how special this one is.
Did you know that Jack White is a devout Catholic and he knew that he grew up always wanting to be PASTOR !?!???!?! HUUUUHHHHHHH !???!?!
Well. Thank the Lord that he did not become a pastor but indeed a revolutionary. Apparently, religious people touch all subjects in a more deeper manner. I guess that's why his music is haunting and powerful all the time. Oh, and with Meg White being all good and Jack feeling the mood, another Stripes album is well on its way ! YAY !! Other than The White Stripes, though, Jack's busy with The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, and also getting his producing firm moving. He is a busy man with a brain and body that follows it. He gets albums recorded in days and then surges on in his own meteor-speed pace.
3) Finally, Jack White claims that Meg White is his sister, but that's totally a lie. Divorce papers hit the world back in 2002. His current wife (and probably also the lead singer of the band he is producing at the moment) is Karen Elson !! And below us is a wonderful editorial with both of them.

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Jack quotes about not working half-way and always giving his full:
"That's what Priscilla Presley said about Elvis; he never did anything half-way -- if he bought you a present, he bought you a fucking Cadillac."

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