Friday, January 1

recent mooovies

watched handful of movies past days.. here are some worth mentioning :)
AVATAR, had high expectations and it exceeded them all.

mahatma gandhi, gandhi is the cutest and purest man in this movie.. tehhehehe :)

imaginarium of doctor parnassus, it's not scifi nor fantasy. it is one of the heaviest, realest, saddest movies of the year.

police story 1, old old old jackie chan. his police story series is godly in my asian movie books. found it in the library, had to rewatch tehehehhe

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moony said...

imaginarium of doctor parnassus! I really liked the movie. even though the message is really deep and kinda sad, I was so excited to see all those beautiful settngs, costumes and designs!!! really brilliant + Colin F is HOT!!! I miss Heath Ledger :( Anyways, Avatar was great as well. I would not say it is my Best movie but still, really brilliant!